Boat and RV Detailing

A Complete Boat Detail Includes:  Steam cleaning and extracting the interior carpets and fabric upholstery, all surfaces get scrubbed, cleaned and treated as well.  Windows, railings, towers and other smooth surfaces get cleaned.  The exterior includes a thorough cleaning and removing of film, slime, dirt and deposits from the paint or gel-coat of the boat.  We then buff the finish to remove oxidation, water lines and imperfections to bring back your boat's beautiful shine.  We then apply a marine specific wax that will allow it to shine better than ever and help seal out and protect against the elements as well.  Further treatments such as paint or fabric sealants are available.  (call for exact pricing) 

-Drain all engine and manifold plugs
-Disconnect and drain Water supply Hoses
-Run and Fog Engine/Carb to prevent rust and corrosion
-Fuel Stabilizer Treatment
-Disconnect and bring battery up to full charge (upon request at no additional cost)

(Inboard and Inboard/Outboard boats only)